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Written by ABOFOA   
Monday, 17 October 2011 01:00



Oh! Prodigious plant Platycerium Andinum of San Martin

You migrated from far across seas and deserts,

To the tropical dry forest of the Huallaga

Giveing us joy and happiness.



You, fern, largest in all the Americas, possess

Many ways to introduce yourself, you are considered


The flag symbol Award for Conservation of the Ojos de Agua.


You feel very sad about the deterioration of the ecology


From our San Martin region, and placed the challenge of providing


Something to ease the deforestation of our forests,


You will be a staunch defender of the quinilla trees


And so avoid their extinction.


I need to form only spores, allowed to


germinate, just enough to rescue me now NOW!


I consider myself a unique species fond


In a protected area, I am very resistant to much


Climate change in my easy


Adjustment shall have the duty to disseminate


The conservation of our little forest


We are and especially the quinilla,


I am a living like you to look only


Undertake a road towards the


Tropical Dry Forest of the Huallaga


- - - - - -

Por: William Rodríguez Trigoso


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