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Wednesday, 30 March 2011 01:41

(This is a translation made by a website from the original Spanish.  I have not yet worked it into its final form)

Chullachaqui (false foot)

One of the most popular legends of the Peruvian jungle, refers to a character who takes the form or shape of a person known to the people to deceive their victims and get them lost in the dense vegetation.

Chullachaqui  which  is considered the goblin or guardian of the forest, commands respect and fear of friends and strangers. Usually appears to those who walk the trails alone.

According to popular tradition, sometimes presented in a friendly and giving gifts of the Jungle, if it does not tell the source of his good luck, other times it is aggressive.

Some feel the Chullachaqui is like a spirit child, because kidnaps children to play with them without hurting them. Those who have had  personal experience with Chullachaqui say that they had a work presented as the place, a familiar figure beckons them to follow him after a long time given that the surprise is gone and has led to a tangle of forest.

Those who say they have seen, argue that use a large straw hat hiding a wrinkled face, which features a prominent nose, pointed ears and red eyes. Barely pierces feet tall and wears dirty rags. But perhaps the main characteristic falls on his feet: one is a human and the other an animal (deer, peccaries, turtles, etc) as printed in the mud left that circulate Chullachaqui Hence its name (chulla = false; chaqui = foot), widely known in Madre de Dios, the jungle of Cuzco, Tingo Maria, Loreto and Ucayali.


Some said they heard vent their anger at strangers in their territory, beating the trees with blunt objects like a stick, machete or hatchet. Others claim to hear sounds of children crying, flute music or animals walk, all attributed to chullachaqui, an expert in playing flute and imitate the sound of animals. Some elderly, who once counted, the Chullachaqui has talked with them, and urged not to plunder the resources of the Selva, ie not hunt animals, or cut down trees. Hence the name "Guardian of the forest."


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