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Wednesday, 30 March 2011 01:33

Quinilla (Manilkara bidentata) por William Trigoso

What features does the Peruvian quinilla?
Quinilla is a family of trees belonging to the Sapotaceae. that grows in tropical dry and wet as our Peruvian jungle. This tree is about 30-45 m in height, trunk is thick and the color of the wood is dark red to pink.Quinilla is the best example of fine hardwoods, and are greatly appreciated.
The wood is resistant to pests (termites, beetles, etc.) and their appearance is highly prized, it is also a wood that resists moisture, for this reason is used in the parquet industry and to build houses, production coal and firewood.

Why is so listed the Peruvian quinilla?
Quinilla also known in the Peruvian jungle as "jerky" for their commercial value. Is the most sought after in the international market in South America, most commercial logging of this species is found in Peru in the tropical dry forest of the central Huallaga, now an endangered species, the aim is to ensure its existence, international trade of species of animals and plants does not threaten the lives of these specimens in their ecosystems of origin.

What is the biological significance of the quinilla?

Quinilla serves as a natural indicator to know what the status of tropical forests.
Because their seeds are the main food of large numbers of rodents and birds. It also shelters the largest fern in the Americas (platiceryum andinum), serves as home for insects, reptiles, mammals, birds. The large quinilla provides shade for other species to develop.

What threat to this species?
Illegal logging and exploitation, due to its high commercial value, illegal loggers enter wilderness areas where harvesting is forbidden and where there are still populations of this species commercially viable air generally protected and unprotected to find a whole are preyed , to continue the current situation is estimated that within 5 years the Peruvian quinilla will be commercially extinct.
DEFORESTATION: deforestation caused by forest burning farming couple is a threat to species

What is being done to protect the quinilla?
- Operations against illegal logging
- Installation of nurseries for playback on the grant for conservation of the "water" Pucacaca district, province of Picota.
- Granting of concessions for conservation by the Peruvian government
- Proof of trustees of the national forest estate
- Implementing and monitoring checkpoints in strategic areas in protected air