Cabin Cement Project PDF Print E-mail
Written by ABOFOA   
Wednesday, 23 March 2011 01:14


There is no water or  electricity at the cabin. When my sister Carol and I were there, there was only a path, mostly

uphill, from the end of the road that enters the Reserve. I know of no other way they could have gotten this

cement to the site except to carry it on their backs.


As they were digging the hole, the ran into a big root. I must admit, I'm not sure what is being built, but I think

it is related to a water supply.



Once the hole was done, -perfect sides! ! - the dry cement for the bottom was put in place.



The water is added, the mix is smoothed. Notice again, the perfect hole.



The rebar cage unit was made much earlier. One of the pictures not included shows the rebar on the floor of the

cabin. Another shows the cage completed and seating on the ground before the hole was dug.



Sinking the rebar cage into the bottom cement.  A VERY WELL planed project.


Now plywood cement forms have been carried in. This is the latest stage of this project I have.