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Wednesday, 02 February 2011 16:48

In late 2010 the area was hit with heavy rains. This made completing the research cabin much more difficult. Below are some photos they sent via e-mail.

Getting TO the cabin


The road to the cabin and reserve. Just past the green sign is where this road meets the main road. Notice the many white butterflies attracted to the mud.

Cabin items that had to be carried in by hand


Roadside puddle


Seems to be inside the forest.

Pond in forest with green covering.

- - - - - - - - -

Heavy rains have hit this area other times.  The day El Quinillal was dedicated is another occasion.  One of the research papers calls

this forest, Seasonally Flooding Forest, rather than Tropical Dry Forest.  The rainfall is correct for a Tropical Dry Forest, but it could

be that the flooding is important also.  No doubt the flooding made the "Ojos de Agua" potholes in the rocks in their forest.

Below are some photos of flooding due to a massive rain, April 13, 2012.  They are very sad scenes, in Pucacaca.

I, Roy Vail, asked very carefully if this flooding was from rain, not the Rio Huallaga, and was told, yes, it was from rains, not the river.











Pucacaca was founded in 1936.  It is not an old town.



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