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Written by ABOFOA   
Tuesday, 01 February 2011 00:43

By:  William Rodriguez Trigoso  



A team comprised of 5 farmers, members of the ABOFOA, Pucacaca District, Province of Picota, San Martin Region, Republic of Peru, took their own initiative, to promote forest conservation, recovery of sources Water District of Ponaza Tingo and Pucushcayacu, the creation and consolidation of the Association for Conservation and Environmental Protection VIABO VALLEY.  All these achievements as part of joint work between ABOFOA American biologist and ROY VAIL, person well known for his conservation efforts in San Martin, Peru. 

ABOFA was formed by a group of farmers tired of seeing the forests being consumed each day by shifting and uncontrolled cultivation as well as land speculators and timber mafias. 

Recently, within ABOFA, a group organized that called itself, the Platyceriun Andinum Group,  named in honor of the largest fern in the Americas, which grows in tropical dry forest of the Central Rio Huallaga and is in danger of extinction.  Their focus, difficult but not impossible,  is to continue spreading the conservation of the environment, to organize, promote, advise new private conservation initiatives within and outside the region of San Martin.  The goal of the Platycerium Andinum Group is to consolidate conservation networks in the region, and focus on future projects such as carbon sequestration and payment for environmental services.

Alberto Flores Vasquez
Felipe Ramirez Vasquez
Hildebrando Rengifo Torres
Hugo Vasquez Torrejon
William Rodriguez Trigoso


Note:  by Roy Vail

When I was in Pucacaca in August of 2010 I went to the Ponaza Tingo and Pucushcayacu, which as I understand it are both in the  VIABO VALLEY. I  made donations to get conservation groups started there. It appears they have started, as one organization. That is very good. I have been told there is also an effort to save Tropical Dry Forest  near Bellavista.

The article above, which I have reworded somewhat, seems to me to say that a group has formed, within ABOFOA, to coordinate and help with the establishment of other conservation groups. This new group inside ABOFOA has named themselves, "The Platycerium Andinum Group."

This is a wonderful development, because ABOFOA, in particular Hugo Vasquez, knows EXACTLY every step a new conservation organization needs to make to become legal and establish a reserve.