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Tuesday, 02 February 2016 03:18

La Manchiga: Valuable Food Source as well as Delicious


By William Trigoso

(translated from the Spanish side of this website)

Even though I have lived for many years and been very important, little has been written about me.  Maybe my existence is unknown; I originated in the high and median rainforests in Mexico, Central America, Jamaica, Cuba, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela and Brazil.  I was also always present in the Peruvian Amazon.

There is evidence of my ancestral existence; I am very humble, I am simply a nut that can grow in humid or dry tropic grounds.   My product can be harvested once  or  twice  a  year in my country and  especially  in  the  tropical dry forests of central Rio Huallaga, in the concession for conservation, Ojos de Agua.

In these nuts, meaning in me, you will find vitamins, proteins and minerals  .I have many nutritional substances, like calcium, potassium, iron, foliage, proteins and vitamins A, E, C and B.  It is important to remember that the lack of Vitamin  A can cause severe health problems, like infant blindness and illnesses related to the respiratory system.

I also posses  vitamin  C, which  is  necessary  for   growth,   skin regeneration and the maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth.  I also have potassium, iron, starch, sodium, folic acid, reason why, I am recommended to be consumed during pregnancy.

Many people consume me because they believe I slow down aging because of my antioxidant properties and my high vitamin and protein contents.  In the tropical regions where I grow, I have been considered a nutritional jewel  and my consumption has satiated the hunger from other countries.  Such as the District Pucacaca, Province of Picota in the Region San Martin  in   Peru, back   in   the   1945's,  when  a Langosta  plague  and extreme draught destroyed all harvests.

I have lot of varied uses regardless of my benefits.  Some people prefer to add me to their animal feeds, i.e.; I am a valuable food source for cattle because I posses nutritional values similar to Alfalfa.  Regardless, I will become one of the 6 most important feeding harvests, compared with rice, corn, wheat, yucca and potatoes.  I am an ingredient of native dishes in many countries, and I will become very popular in the Peruvian Amazon

Definitely, if you are not aware, I can surprise by the variety of ways I can be prepared.   Have you noticed how versatile I am?   I can be consumed, after being cooked, in the preparation of tamales, soups, tortillas, stuffing, salads and more.  The dried seed can be roasted to obtain a cereal that tastes like chocolate.  With these roasted seeds, you can prepare breads, cookies, pancakes, cakes, coffee, refreshments, ice cream and other delicious foods.  I will become very important  because  in  some   countries   I have  been included in their social feeding programs.  But I already feel that way.






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